Childcare services in BiH

How could the business sector benefit?

Provision of childcare services is a hot topic in the Sarajevo Canton at the moment – limited capacities of day-care institutions are leaving many children out of the preschool education. It has negative consequences not only to children's development, but also it affects the economic life of their parents.

MarketMakers has recognised this issue several months ago and invited private companies to co-invest in developing and expanding capacities of childcare institutions together with MarketMakers. We are continuing to explore potentials for improving childcare provision with the better involvement of the private sector. Please take a look at the concept note and contact us with your ideas and proposals. 

Company academies: MarketMakers is currently partnering with several companies in different branches of the services industry to pilot a diversity of highly-applied short training courses on a sustainable basis that help young people gain skills in high demand on the export market. MarketMakers remains interested in identifying further partners who wish to initiate their own company-level academies and is offering small seed capital grants for new company-level academies to get started, test their business model, and attract cohorts of relevant trainees.

If your company is working in a knowledge-intensive sector within the services industry and wishes to open a new training academy for young people that both operates on a cost-recovery or commercially sustainable basis and provides skills not found in the formal education sector, you might be eligible for MarketMakers investment. Please get in touch with MarketMakers by writing to their Strategic Partnerships Executive, Ms. Sara Lerota at